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consciouseed aboutConsciouseed is created by Jason V Lu as a branch for his functional spirituality design art. All the artworks are hand made in Italy (bronze sculptures) or in Taiwan (cnc, crystal, stainless steel & prints). We believe in quality and we will continue to do our best to create more of energy related artwork for you in the near future.

About Jason V LuJason V Lu had spontaneous Kundalini awakening at the early age of sixteen. The rising of sacred energy through all chakras gave him an amazing sensitivity to all inner and outer experiences which had tremendous influence on his life.

He has got a rare ability of seeing with his “inner eyes” which allows him to visualize subtle energy inside himself and in the world around him very clearly and in precise forms. Looking into an object he can see what is hiding behind its outer shape; looking into himself he finds answers to many questions about life and spiritual development. Besides the clarity of inner vision, Jason possesses a great talent of reproducing his visual experiences as two-dimensional images, sculptures and other artworks, and all this without losing their energetic charge. As a professional and established artist, he never fails to choose most suitable type of medium to share “invisible” with his audience.

Special thanks to:
ZoyaYoga – yoga related knowledge

Kris Attard - Sacred Geometry & Bio Geometry Knowledge

Emil Malmberg – tech & marketing

Agnieszka Skalska – legal support

AlexMax, Italy – Italy operations


コンシャスシードはジェイソン ルーによって創造された新分野のスピリチャルデザインアートです。イタリアで創作されたブロンズ彫刻や台湾で創作されたプリント作品は全てハンドメイドで、何よりも作品の品質にこだわり、これからもエネルギーを題材とした作品を皆様にお届けしたいと願っております。

ジェイソンは16歳の時に突然クンダリーニ覚醒を体験し、この神秘エネルギーが身体中を駆け巡って、チャクラ(エネルギーの渦)が開放され、彼の内外面の経験にものすごく大きな影響を与えました。彼は全ての形状に秘められた微細なエネルギーを“内なる目”を通して察知し 、心の中から湧き出る人生の様々な問題点に対しての答えを見いだし、その明白なヴィジョンを平面のデザインや彫刻などの媒体を通じて実体化する能力を授かりました。洗礼されたプロフェッショナルアーティストとしてこれからも“不可視”の世界を最もふさわしい媒体で表現し皆様に発信し続けようと思っています。


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